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Independent Support Across Investment Themes

GalCap Europe is a specialized investment adviser with a particular focus on real estate, energy, infrastructure and industrial investments in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.


GalCap Europe consults at all phases of the investment cycle, including:

  • Development of Investment Strategies
  • Strategic Portfolio Planning & Research
  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Optimization
  • Creation of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Comprehensive Transaction Management
  • Restructuring / Repositioning
  • Turnaround Management
  • Capital Raising (Private Equity & Debt)

Investment Management

We accept mandates as investment managers for our clients. Starting with the preparation of the investment strategy and the creation of the appropriate legal framework, we identify suitable investments and purchase them. We perform and oversee the due diligence and contract negotiations for our clients, and monitor the entire investment process to ensure a successful closing.

Real Estate Asset Management

As a cash-flow-oriented, professional asset manager, we wholly or partially manage the real estate assets of our clients.

This includes letting concepts to reduce vacancy, rental contract negotiations and renewals, as well as measures to increase the remaining maturity. Financial Engineering and ongoing cash-flow management are essential components of this process. We implement controls over structural changes, adaptations, repairs and modernizations, and all areas where comprehensive monitoring of the service provider is as important as transparent reporting to the investor. Over the entire holding period, investments are professionally cared for and values improved, and, if desired by the investor, sold at the right time under the best possible conditions.